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Carson Kvapil had dominated the 2020 Carolina Pro Late Model Season by winning 6 out of 7 races leading into the season final race. The CPLMS decided to put a $500 bounty on Carson Kvapil. After Kvapil qualified on the pole he took the chance to win the $500 himself and also bet the CPLMS Promoter Keith Graham to grow a mullet just like his and start in the rear.


100 laps of tough racing, Kvapil worked his way to the front on more than one occasion even having to change two tires. In the end, Kvapil just didn't have enough time to come back and Kyle Campbell was able to wrap up the CPLMS final win of the season and secure the $500 bounty on his good friend. Rumor has it he at least did by him his waffle house dinner. 


(Hickory Motor Speedway recap) Carolina Pro Late Model Series for 100 laps. After the invert, the top five for the start would be Amber Lynn in the #2, Lee Tissot in the #27, Tyler Church in the #1X, Nick Loden in the #43, and Michael Pilla in the #4. Lynn would pull to the early lead with Tissot close behind. The caution would fly on lap 8 as the #61 of Gabriel Fogg would lose control coming out of turn four and get into the outside wall. The restart would see Lynn and Tissot lead the field to the green flag. After a side by side battle with Tissot, Lynn would move back to the front on lap 10. Carson Kvapil in the #35 would start last on the field but move to sixth on lap 15. Church would move around Tissot for second on lap 16. The battle for second would be a four car battle between Church, Loden, Kvapil, and Kyle Campbell in the #45. The caution would fly on lap 30 as the #5 of Max Gutierrez would spin on the backstretch. Lynn and Church would lead the field back to the green flag. Lynn would pull back to the lead with Church close behind. Kvapil would move to second around Church on lap 35. Lap 41 would see Kvapil complete the journey through the field as he would pass Lynn for the lead. The caution would fly on lap 52 with a multi-car incident on the front stretch. The cars of Pilla, Toni Breidinger in the #80, and Grayson Ward in the #9 would all be involved. The restart would see Kvapil and Campbell side by side. Campbell would move to the lead while Kvapil's car would trail a stream of sparks all the way around the track. Kvapil would come to a stop on the backstretch and bring out the caution on lap 53. Campbell and Lynn would bring the field back to the green flag. Campbell would pull to the lead with Lynn in second. The caution would fly on lap 55 as Church would get hard into the backstretch wall after contact with Tissot. Campbell and Lynn would lead the field back to the green flag. Campbell would move back to the front with Lynn close behind. Kvapil would move back to the top five on lap 65. Lap 73 would see Kvapil pass Lynn for second and look to run down the leader, Campbell. Lap 84 would see Kvapil make the pass for the lead, however, he would spin coming off of turn four after tangling with Campbell as lap traffic would bottleneck the race for the lead. Campbell and Lynn would bring the field back to the green flag. The caution would quickly fly as Tissot would spin in turn two and Kvapil would cut a right rear after getting collected as he tried to drive through the incident. Campbell and Lynn would pace the field once again. After a spirited battle with Lynn, Campbell would move back to the lead. Campbell would hold on and drive on to the win. Lynn would finish 2nd with Jacob Perry in the #21 grabbing 3rd. Loden would take 4th and Kvapil would fight back for 5th.

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